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TeeKay Altera

banff & Kyle Sailaway Project

Working alongside the Client offshore recovery Teams, John Lawrie Metals, delivered a 92.5% recycling / repurpose rate for the decommissioning of the Banff & Kyle decommissioning project for Teekay, along with savings of six-days’ worth of vessel discharge time.

Recycling Rate:
TeeKay Altera
Banff & Kyle
Montrose, Invergordon, Kishorn, Peterhead, Aberdeen
Receipt, processing and recycling FPSO mooring system
Project Summary

Our experienced decommissioning team worked quickly and efficiently to separate the 4749 total tonnes of material, processing 4391 tonnes for recycling and repurposing. Where possible, elements such as mooring chain and wire rope were directed for repurposing. Of the remainder, 13.6te was directed for specialist treatment, and 344te was required to be disposed of locally.

Working with fluidity and agility, the team worked with the project teams to realise a reduction of almost six days in the planned vessel turnaround times.

The subsea equipment brought to shore for recycling and repurposing included the Petrojarl Banff Mooring system, the Petrojarl Banff riser system consisting of six risers and two umbilicals, the Apollo Spirit mooring system which was an 8-point composite mooring system and the STL buoy.

We are the largest metal recycler and exporter of processed metal in North and North-East Scotland and an experienced member of the decommissioning supply chain. With current strategically located licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Shetland, Evanton and Montrose, and the addition of our new quayside facility in Dundee opening in 2020 bringing our combined annual licensed tonnage to 360,000 tonnes, we are your decommissioning partner of choice.

Midwater Arch Downsizing