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Repurposing oil & gas equipment for a new life in the aquaculture industry

Marine-related products such as new and used anchor chain, shackles and kenters, and used wire rope are also handled and, where possible, reused.

Given the size and importance of the aquaculture industry in Scotland, there is a requirement to maintain the quality and durability of fish-farm pens, ensuring they are weighted correctly for optimal production.

John Lawrie Metals saw an opportunity to repurpose redundant mooring wire rope and anchor chain from the offshore oil and gas industry for reuse as weights for fish-farm pens, which are designed to be buoyant structures for floating on the water’s surface and the nets connected to the structure and anchored to sustain the cage in position.

We are an established key supplier to the aquaculture industry of wire rope and anchor chain, which has eliminated waste, reduced CO2 emissions over recycling, and helped establish a more robust economy. Reusing these materials demonstrates the innovative thinking required to fully realise the potential of the circular economy and Zero Waste objectives.

The repurposed wire rope and anchor chain acquired from the offshore oil and gas industry offers the perfect environmental and economic solution and, in the process, prevents the generation of new materials when repurposed items can be every bit as good, and of course, environmentally friendly!


Anchor chain


Wire ropes