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John Lawrie Metals

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What We Offer

We offer flexible solutions for collection and processing of scrap metals, be that industrial or domestic.

At our established scrap metal recycling and processing facilities across the East of Scotland - including Aberdeen, Montrose, Shetland and Evanton (near Inverness) - scrap metal is sorted and sheared ready to be recycled into new steel products. Reuse and recycling are viable alternatives to scrapping and are options that have a positive effect on our, and our customer’s environmental credentials.  

Our Aim

Our aim is zero to landfill and our goal is to provide a problem-free solution for the removal, storage and the ultimate recycling or reuse of waste scrap metals.

Direct to Steel Mills

We provide an end-to-end closed loop service by shipping processed waste scrap metal from domestic, industrial and decommissioning projects directly to steel mill smelters, all in accordance with client and regulatory requirements.

What material do we work with?


Oilfield related structures


Construction waste


General and household waste


Agricultural structures


Non-ferrous metals

We have a mobile workforce that are skilled in the downsizing of industrial structures, clearing yards and industrial sites and can transport all material back to any of our fully licensed waste treatment facilities.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals include automobiles, farm equipment, household appliances, marine vessels and oil and gas structures. Ferrous metal accounts for the largest volume of metal scrapped.

Non-ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metal generally has a higher value than ferrous. Some examples include stainless steel, copper, lead, zinc, nickel based alloys and precious metals.