The John Lawrie team was delighted to be presented the annual Member Award at this year’s Decom North Sea Awards that kicked off this year’s conference on 25h August 2020.

Held virtually for the first time due to COVID-19 restrictions still being in place, the annual ceremony saw seven awards being handed out following submissions back in April. Interviews with the shortlisted companies took place in early July with this this year’s judges.

The Decom North Sea Member Award is presented to a Decom North Sea member company for outstanding achievement in the sector. John Lawrie’s submission was centred on the work the company does in repurposing steel tubulars from the energy industry as piling in the construction industry.

The case study used to highlight such activity was that of the building of Aberdeen’s new state-of-the-art TECA near Dyce. The P&J Live Arena opened in 2019 boasting foundations made from oil and gas pipe and casing which were repurposed as piling posts. John Lawrie supplied 22,000 metres of previously used pipes and casing to the project contractor, Northern Piling Limited, which then utilised the pipes for setting the foundations of the new arena.

For the project John Lawrie supplied more than 2,000 tonnes of pipe and casing, safely recycled from the oilfield wells of Aberdeen’s major North Sea operators and supply chain companies. The redundant materials were then reprocessed at the company’s Montrose facility.

To date, John Lawrie has supplied over 2 million tonnes of steel tubulars for use as piling, with significant environmental savings (waste/CO2e emissions) and helped establish a more robust market for these products as a viable alternative to prime steel products. Reusing steel casing pipe as steel piling demonstrates the innovative thinking required to fully realise the potential of the circular economy and underpins John Lawrie’s award-winning approach to environmental sustainability and the circular economy for drill pipe and piling products.

Congratulations to all finalists and to the eventual winners of each award, and well done to Decom North Sea for not letting a global pandemic get in the way of recognising the great work that is taking place in the decommissioning space.