Managing our energy and resource usage is key to lowering the environmental impact of our own operations, reductions which then pass through to our customer operations. This process starts on our sites and then continues within the ArcelorMittal Group through the entire recycling and steel manufacturing process.

Our ISO50001 certification is key to realising these reductions. The annual audit was completed last Friday. No non-conformances were raised and the auditor commented that he considered our systems to be Best in Class.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you reduce the overall impact of your operations, lower your environmental risk, whilst at the same time maximising the economic return for your scrap materials, please get in touch - www.johnlawriemetals.comhashtag#metalrecyclinghashtag#iso50001hashtag#recyclinghashtag#circulareconomyhashtag#johnlawriemetalshashtag#johnlawrie