During early July, five Maersk anchor handlers, including some their largest M-Class vessels, mobilised from Montrose to the Foinaven to complete the disconnect. Cameron liaised directly with the BP reps on the vessel and managed this project on a day-to-day basis, co-ordinating the offload of chain, wire, anchors and mid-line buoys, as well as supporting all of the anchor handlers as they returned to Montrose. 

The mooring system was recovered and discharged by our chain handling specialist partner, Chainco, over six port calls. In total, the six vessels delivered around 3,500te of chain, 900te of wire, 300te of anchors, and 260te of mid-line buoys. David Murray and his hot cutting team of Hamish and Derek have worked to remove the chain from the quayside, with 2,000te already having been exported to a European Electric Arc Furnace for smelting. The wire is being coiled and is destined for re-use within the aquaculture industry. 

BP’s Project Management team acknowledges that their decision to deal directly with John Lawrie Metals has not only enhanced their financial returns on the returned scrap, but they also recognised the single-step Duty of Care assurance only we can offer. Their Project Representatives have commented on a number of occasions throughout the project on the professionalism of the quayside teams and our ability to manage the discharge in such a way to turn around vessels significantly quicker than our competitors.

Once again, the John Lawrie Metals team have demonstrated to the Oil and Gas Industry our delivery capabilities, and the benefits of bringing us in as early as possible in the project to allow us to manage their scrap from the quayside through to final recycling.