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Umbilical Reel Recycling

We were contracted to recycle a large metal reel and the umbilical product spooled upon it after both had reached the end of their operational lives. Deemed unsafe to lift for transportation, the reel was dismantled onsite at Peterhead Port under a temporary licence we obtained from SEPA.

Recycling Rate:
Peterhead Port
Umbilical product & reel recycling
Approx 100Te
Project Summary

The umbilical product was flushed and purged, with the collected liquids safely disposed of. As a contingency, a spill kit was placed around the reel ahead of flushing to safely capture any fluids in the event of a spill. Drains in close proximity to where operations were conducted were also isolated and sealed.

The umbilical was spooled from the reel and cut by means of a cold cutting shear into transportable lengths directly into containers. These were then transported by road and processed at our licensed waste treatment facility in Aberdeen, where the plastic and metallic materials were separated and subsequently recycled.

Following removal of the umbilical, the large diameter reel was reduced in size using a cleaver shear attached to a material handler and the cut sections transported to Aberdeen for further processing to ESSS standard. They were then exported to European steel mills for recycling into new steel products, delivering significant environmental benefits.

We are the largest metal recycler and exporter of processed metal in North and North-East Scotland and an experienced member of the decommissioning supply chain. With current strategically located licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Shetland, Evanton and Montrose, and the addition of our new quayside facility in Dundee opening in 2020 bringing our combined annual licensed tonnage to 360,000 tonnes, we are your decommissioning partner of choice.

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