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Kishorn Dry Dock

Decommissioning of the MV Kaami

John Lawrie Metals Ltd is the Aberdeen headquartered metal waste recycling and processing experts. Having successfully carried out decommissioning projects involving the dismantling of large oilfield structures and subsea infrastructure for more than 20 years, the company jumped at the chance to undertake a project unlike anything they had delivered before.

Recycling Rate:
Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL)
MV Kaami
Kishorn Dry Dock
Dismantle MV Kaami for recycling
Decommissioning offshore module
Approx 1,250te
MV Kaami

Having run aground six miles off the North West coast Skye in March 2020, the MV Kaami was deemed unfit for purpose and required taking ashore for dismantling. In partnership with Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL), the project involved the downsizing and recycling of the structure. The vessel was incidentally, at one point, also used by John Lawrie Tubulars to transport some of our piling pipe to the USA.

1,109te shipped direct to steel mills

Working to European ship recycling and SEPA regulations, John Lawrie’s team from its Evanton base in Easter Ross successfully carried out the decommissioning work including downsizing the full structure. A total of 1,250te of material was recovered with 1,109te shipped to European steel mills for processing and recycling. Shipping direct from site also saved transportation by road (approximately 48 articulated vehicle loads negated) and therefore helped to cut carbon emissions even further.

Circular Economy

It is part of John Lawrie’s ethos to maximise the opportunity to reuse or recycle materials in order to minimise disposal. Working directly with operators, Tier 1 contractors or other waste management companies, the company’s expertise and experience lies in the onshore downsizing, deconstruction, processing, reuse and recycling of a wide range of subsea materials. With a clear focus on minimising waste, pollution and consumption of finite resources,improving sustainability, reducing environmental impacts and cutting carbon emissions, John Lawrie is a keen advocate of the circular economy.

97% recycling rate

With an aim of zero to landfill, every piece of material the company handled was assessed for reuse or repurpose before being processed for recycling. By processing and recycling the metal from the Kaami, the amount of waste being sent to landfill has been significantly reduced, thereby helping to create a circular economy by keeping waste materials in use for longer.

We are the largest metal recycler and exporter of processed metal in North and North-East Scotland and an experienced member of the decommissioning supply chain. With current strategically located licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Shetland, Evanton and Montrose, and the addition of our new quayside facility in Dundee opening in 2020 bringing our combined annual licensed tonnage to 360,000 tonnes, we are your decommissioning partner of choice.

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